Waking up to this Labor Day weekend it occurs to me that national holidays seem to be my best time to update this old website. In the past six weeks we’ve been getting settled into living in Indianapolis and our new jobs. The people are nice here and it’s been wonderful to drop back into the Midwest pace of life. Indy is an interesting mix of Midwest and Southern vibe. I have probably needed to slow down for some time now and that process has been good…kind of like realizing you have needed to take deeper breaths. The biggest difference for me is how lo-fi and simple my new life has become. Living in a small apartment, I walk by a beautiful old church on my way to work every day with bells that serenade my lunch breaks. We sold my car to a friend in need in Los Angeles before we left so we are a one car house now and the walking has been good for me…I can’t wait for Fall and Winter hiking! Seriously.

My new day gig is at a well established 22 year old alt-weekly newspaper called NUVO. For those who don’t know my work/education history, these newspapers have always been my primary gig other than music. Great folks I’m working with and it’s a good way to always know what’s going on in my new city as I learn my way around. Not to mention these are the papers that tend to be the questioning rabble-rousers in most cities. I’m happier doing work that’s community based and focused on the “we” instead of the “me”...

We do have a house full of furniture in storage so we are looking at buying a house again soon. I imagine that will break my peaceful little spell of tranquility but it’s been a really nice way to land in Indy while I’m learning my new gig. Kind of reminds me of my time living in East Nashville…simple and no frills.

I’m hoping to get out and see some old friends now that I’m closer to Iowa, Chicago, Madison and Nashville again. Not sure how much music will play a part in all that, but I have recently pulled my guitar out for the first time in months. Trying to be open to the universe on whatever comes next sonically. Maybe a fun new band of part-time noisemakers in Indy. As long as I’m having fun and it doesn’t feel like work I’ll keep plugging away at songs. I know myself well enough now to know that having the regular job and a regular life is where the songs begin for me. The daygig may have seemed like a burden when I was younger wanting to tour more and record more…but now I know that for me it’s that everyday living and bumping up against other people that make songs possible. One of my dear old friends used to say “music doesn’t owe you a living” to younger musicians who would ask his advice…and I try to pass that along when young musicians contact me. There is no silver bullet answer to a life in music. Pretty sure we all have to find our own way to sonic happiness.

So that’s where I am today…mi casa tranquilo out here in middle America. Slowly shaking off LA memories. And glad to not be driving by that hospital every day…or living in traffic. Miss my LA friends but the ones that care about me have been checking in lots…and these days we’re all just a tweet, text, or photo memory away from each other. What an odd virtual life we have all embraced. Wonder if the youngsters still know how to belly up to the bar and make friends…

So thanks for giving a damn and checking in on my little world. I know I’m a lazy twitter bug but if you do the facebook thing you really should “like” my music page below. And you can find me on Instagram too…I like photos mucho!

And if you haven’t got my new album yet…shame on you! You can buy Yonder here via CD Baby. I have used CD Baby for secure online sales since 1998. The digital download version of Yonder is also available now at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody etc. if that’s more your digital mp3 style.

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