Indy Summer

What a mild and gorgeous Summer we have had in Indy. As I write this mid-August entry, it’s 75 and mild with crazy fluffy clouds floating through a clear blue Midwest sky. A year in now… and I’m remembering how much weather patterns and temp change are a real day to day living force here in the middle. Love it mostly…except the allergies:)

Finally got moved into the old house. It’s been a long month of camping out with contractors in slower than dirt renovation mode…but the end is in sight…hopefully! It’s a grand old house and the Fall trees should be spectacular in our Old Northside downtown neighborhood.

Fighting the good fight at my NUVO newsweekly day gig. The energy that goes into sustaining free press and freedom to rabble rouse locally seems energy well spent. And it balances out the inherently selfish and ego-maniacal musician/artist side that has to be balanced when it comes to justifying time spent creating. Can I get more me in the monitor please…more vocal in the life mix maybe? :)

Musically, I’m still sitting on a five song demo that needs mixed and some more TLC. Wrote a new tune recently that seems to be sticking in my head…so that’s always a nice gift from nowhere I can explain. Trying to find time to get back to Mr. Svec and track a bit more to keep this collection a Horse Buyer sound from beginning to end. When yer young you got no dough and lotsa time. When you get older (if yer lucky) you got some dough…but finding time gets harder and harder. No real hurry or need to rush…but the house overload has me missing sound.

And heading to France for a much needed break soon. From Paris to southern wine country…I’m going with an open mind. And my travel guitar.

Be good people…hope the sun is shining on all of you these days.


Kelly Pardekooper

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