Iowa Turkey weekend….

Had a nice long Thanksgiving weekend in Iowa City. Always fun to see old friends and play with Marty Letz, Kevin Gordon, Marty Christiansen etc. Iowa did get snow and was too freakin’ cold….which I do not miss. I’m thrilled to be back to California today and hiking in my Lebowski gear (just need the CCR tape and some new bowling buddies).

On the music front, I just had my song “Quiet Tonight” added to the music library of Crucial Music Publishing….they passed on the rest of the Brand New Bag album, but that’s how it goes I suppose. This seems to be a numbers game this non-exclusive TV/FILM game. Also learned about stripping the vocals off tunes for TV/FILM folks….it’s odd to hear the song sans vocals….but also pretty cool to hear the naked sounds. I’m basically trying to get as many of my songs as possible in as many publishing libraries as possible this year….a numbers game that plays out on Hollywood hard-drives daily. Who will buy? Who will buy?

This life in flux seems to suit me. Going back to Iowa reminded me that I have been pretty root-less these past four years. Karen and I are working on committing to a city soon….it’s hard to do, so many places to call home. Hope there are mountains when we get there. My mother says that my Aries ram zodiac sign explains my love for climbing around in these mountains….and probably my hard head. I lived in Boulder, Colorado for a year when I was 21 and loved the mountains then as well. Also, at my age, it seems the perfect exercise for pumping the heart and getting my ass moving. You gotta move. Free advice: Whenever you’re feeling funky. Drink at least 20 ounces of water. And MOVE. And drink Green Tea. And try to laugh, think and feel daily. And MOVE sucka!

Be good…KP

“Not in Iowa” - photo montage from Europe tours

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