Johnny Hickman (see pic)—>

So I’m just a very lucky boy sometimes…. Cracker guitar player Johnny Hickman is in town mixing his debut solo album and it looks like he’s going to sit in with me and Teddy Morgan tomorrow night at The Radio Cafe in Nashville. I know it’s super late notice…but it could be a fun trio to watch. I met Johnny at the Take Root festival last fall in Holland and Teddy Morgan is producing his new album. This is why I came to this town baby….Radio Cafe, great musicians and 16oz. PBR. Does is get any better?

Got some Iowa this week when Bo Ramsey/Pieta Brown played a club a few blocks away from my house. It was great to see them do their thang.

Just did my first interview with the Nashville Scene. You can check it out at in the “Face the Music” section. Pretty funny stuff.

Next week more Iowans invade Music City. Mike/Amy Finders band will be crashing with me for a couple days while they do some shows.

Okay…that’s it for now. If I don’t rant again… Please VOTE NOVEMBER 2nd!
Peace out shizzle sticks,

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