July 2003 Journal

My sunflowers are getting huge! The basil is also at that wonderful pesto stage. This is that great time of year when sweet corn pops right off the cob for about a dime an ear. And make no mistake, Iowa has the best sweet corn on the planet.

So the nice folks in Amana just bought up the rest of my Trocadero Records version of House of Mud so if you want that release you can get it at

In other news…I’ve finally got Johnson County Snow back in stock! Yeah…it only took two friggin’ years. I’m re-releasing it my own bad self on Leisure Time Records so go immediately and buy a copy so I can pay for them and keep recording new music. Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your boss. See discography or contacts page for instruction.

Iowa City is losing some serious creative juice soon with the departure of Tom Jessen, Dave Olson, and Atom Robinson. Good luck guys…our sleepy little college town will miss you. It’s one of the things I’ve learned to get used to in my hometown.

Got some fun shows coming up…get to see the butter cow at the Iowa State Fair, going to Minneapolis soon, Teddy Morgan is coming to do some shows…and the Europe tour is looming. Still hard to believe I’m gonna see Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussells, and Paris. Keep your eye on the tour pages.

That’s it…the garden needs water…peace out….kp

“Learning is movement from moment to moment”
- J Krishnamurti

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