King Richard

So I’m finally updating this wonderfully dated website and my old roomy/friend/drummer King Richard has turned me loose to upload new photos and mp3s. These photos are like 8 years old. Soon I’ll post some free unreleased music too. What a world…back to the basement. Kind of getting tired of Myspace anyway….too many 15 year old girls emailing me from Texas making me feel uncomfortable and dirty. Just buy the damn music….or get your Dad to buy it. I’m 40 and bald and married….for the second time for the love of God!

Anyhoo… Just had a great weekend of shows with the uber-band (Eric, Matt, John, Marty, Zollo) in Iowa….what a hoot. Sweat smoke booze dance….yep Iowa is heaven. Oh, except the idiot in Dubuque who ran into my car at the hotel parking lot. My sober little Honda was just sleeping there not hurting anyone and I suspect some drunken SUV with white bumpers no less…forgot how to park. Thanks for the note! Jackass!

I’m in transition now. I like Wisconsin. I now know why Cheese-Head native Atom always used the word “Jackass” hear it a lot here and it’s a fun word to say with conviction.

I’m off to try and destroy this site with new photos. Stay tuned and I’ll upload some free music soon. I’m digging through the basement for fun odd stuff to give away to you insane visitors.

Cheers from the middle…


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