Blue Moose xmas gig 12/26

Holiday Horse Buyer reunion show is coming together in Iowa City for 12/26 at Blue Moose Tap House. An early Sunday 7pm gig. I’ll be playing with Eric Straumanis on guitar (Ft. Collins, CO), John Svec on bass (Iowa City Minstrel Studio maestro) and Matt Winegardner on drums (Austin, TX). Did a lot of touring in US and Europe with these guys circa 2004-2005. It’s been over three years now since I’ve done a band gig so come on out for this rare show if yer around the Iowa City hometown during holidays. I’m sure it will be sloppy beer soaked dancing chaos and I appreciate all the folks on facebook and my e-list who have bought tix and confirmed already. You can pre-order advance tix at Should be fun, we’ll do our best. Count to four and go…

And just got word my song “Your Caboose” being used in the FX hit show Sons Of Anarchy episode #309, probably will air in November/December. And “Too Late” being used in episode 2009 of the ABC Family show Make It Or Break It. There ya go…yer in the know. Feel free to spread the word via facebook, twitter, text, email, postcard, calling pigeon or whatever form of world dominating social networking you’re into at the moment.

I finally bit the bullet and changed this website to the full blown silly Dutch loving name Welcome back if you’re just finding me again. Also gotta new facebook page you can join below if that’s yer preferred social network…I’ll be posting real time music news and LA slice of life pics etc. And if you still want to buy a good ole’ fashioned hard copy CD… just click the discography link on your right for secure orders via CD Baby. Or download at iTunes, Napster etc.

Be good,


Kelly Pardekooper

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