LA Earthquakes…FREE August song

So my first week in lala land and this Iowa boy gets the pleasure of feeling his first earthquake last week. Welcome to California corncob! It wasn’t really too strong… the first quake in LA in about nine years. I was in a thrift shop and the windows started shaking and the floor was moving in a rolling kind of way. I would say it was like a big train… like standing on a big train going through mountains…

Diggin’ my new LA neighborhood…it’s called Los Feliz and we can walk to lots of shops, stores and life essentials. Driving seems best avoided when possible….but that’s mostly impossible in LA.

Short list first week LA faves and celebrity sitings:

The weather rocks…no allergies! Taco stands. Sunsets. No rain. Earthquakes. K-Town food. Nice people. Hipster watching. Unemployment. Scottie Pippin. Kevin Costner. Robot girl from Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show.

I also just posted the 40-Weight August 2008 FREE monthly song “That Girl”. I recorded this tune circa 2001 in my Iowa City basement while writing for the House of Mud album. If you listen carefully, you can hear my old black cat at the beginning of the song…he was never thrilled about my basement quiet time. You can go download the free song now at KP Myspace or right here on my website by clicking Discography button on right.

Enjoy and be good…

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