Laying Low…

So I’m back on the ladder and meeting some new folks here in Madison. I’m working for a guy named Tom who has been painting old houses for thirty years. Cool guy…kind of the ex-hippie type.

Madison is sort of like Iowa City, but a lot bigger. About 250,000 people. A Midwest college/capital city. Seemingly progressive and liberal but mostly conservative at the edges. I like it here…the spring weather is stunning and I have never been around large lakes like they have in the Mendota. Lots of boat people here.

Laying low now trying to figure out what, if anything, is next for me. Been doing this music thang pretty hard for about 10 years and I’m kind of tired of hearing myself. I think I lack the required ambition/ego to keep selling myself right now. I’m happy with my current catalog of music and think I could probably put the guitar down for a while. Life seems too short to be in my own head all the time. I’m gonna do a few shows this summer and after that we’ll see….

So I’m signing off for a while now. You can purchase all 4 of my albums on this website as well as i-tunes and other cool places on the planet earth. I appreciate the support.
In peace,

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