Live in Europe

Hola Friends…

So it’s taken a few months, but I’ve finally gotten this little Live in Europe document together for your purchasing pleasure. Our tour manager, Anton Verdonk, caught this show one night in Frankfurt, Germany on a mini-disc recorder. It’s a lo-fi locally produced thang that you can buy for $10. Very cute little cut and paste design packaging. Think of it as your donation to my next studio album, which is becoming a larger project than I had ever imagined. And in return… you get a sample of uber band Teddy Morgan, Atom Robinson, Richard Medek, and myself laying down a decidedly Iowa/Arizona vibe…with a touch of Amsterdam mojo. See discography for purchase details.

I’m getting ready to head down to New Orleans for a wedding, Mardi Gras, and a much needed break from Iowa winter. Last year it was Tucson. I seem to hit the same wall every year about this time. Thinking a move may be in my future this summer…Nashville, Austin, and New York are some cities under consideration and on the radar…we’ll see. I’m looking for less cold, less allergies, and more people over 21. I love my little hometown Iowa City, but it’s feeling a little small these days….

Had a really cool little gig where I got to play with Dave Moore at the annual IC Free Medical/Dental Clinic Benefit. He sat in with Marty Letz and I on harp and accordian. What a treat! He’s going to be playing some on my new recordings as well as Amy Finders and some other local roots All-Stars.

That’s it kids….take your vitamins, bundle up, and pay those taxes…

“Will you still need me, will you still tease me, when I’m 64?”
- The Beatles

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