Greetings from Indianapolis music friends!

Just got word that the hit Netflix show Longmire will be featuring two more of my songs in their upcoming final season. Series release date is November 17th and the two songs used are “You Don’t Say” and “Silver & Gold” from my most recent City At Night album. Particularly happy for my Indiana recording bandmates as this album was just released 11 months ago. Many thanks as always go to my music publisher Bob Mair at Black Toast Music for making all this TV/FILM biz happen these past nine years!

As Fall is winding down here in the Midwest, I find myself starting to make song lists again. This is generally the first step in the whatever is next recording process. Been a busy year and I’ve been enjoying my part-time real estate gig here in downtown Indy. It’s always been that regular day to day living and bumping into people that tends to inspire my songs. My first album, 30-Weight, was a rough group of demo songs I recorded mostly in my Iowa basement between ages 24-30. Pretty awful sound quality as I had no idea what I was doing as a sound engineer (still don’t). And as I recall, the goal at the time was to just get this little CD released by the time I was 30 years old, which I did. Now…many years, miles and albums later, I’m thinking the next recording project should probably be called 50-Weight. That would give me about 16 months to get something recorded and released during my 50th spin around the sun. That’s what’s percolating with my coffee this morning anyway..will keep you posted on my progress.

So have a great Fall/Winter holiday season! Try to be nice to each other out there. And if you want to give the great gift of music this season, my entire album catalog is available right here at Kelly Loves You!


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