Japan Relief

Very sad what’s going on in Japan right now. Went to Kyoto this past year and it’s a beautiful country. Best links I have found to help Japan if you are able are at JAPAN RELIEF. Many prayers going out now to my friends in Japan and the Pacific rim.
In less important news… It’s been raining lots in LA lately but the backyard desert hill is finally showing some signs of Spring. Crazy purple flowers are starting to bloom and the amazing one month lilac smell is starting to mark my first year in the new house. Been spending more time with the ‘52 Gibson acoustic out back with the fire-pit as we move from Laker to Dodger games soon! Missing my muse…

The travel bug has bitten hard too….San Diego, Joshua Tree, Mammoth and Montreal with new and old friends. Life moves faster these days it seems…not sure if that’s getting older or just living in LA.

Have a fun little FREE solo gig coming up in my Los Angeles hood April 3rd at the Grand Old Echo on Sunset Blvd. Lots of other roots folks playing and I’m on at 5:30pm and there’s BBQ and it’s kid friendly and my birthday to boot! Come on down if yer in the LA area.

Some random observations:

- The first cut is not always the deepest.
- The hair on my head gave up a long time ago…seems wrong that hair in my nose and ears won’t give up too. And I won’t even go into the unfairness of zits past forty!
- LA Ladies: Wearing those round Sketcher/Reebok shoes will not fix your butt. And Victoria Secret Bras will not really increase your breast size. And wearing Spanx is as delusional as Charlie Sheen!
- LA Guys: What’s the problem with pant selection? Either skinny jeans way too tight or baggy pants falling off your ass. Seriously? Based on my single girlfriends’ observations…don’t think I’d let my daughter date LA guys!

That’s all I got from tipsy turvy lost in LA…

Be good and treat people well!


Kelly Pardekooper

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