July will certainly be house month here in Indy. Just had a few great weekends of music with old Iowa friends and my new Indy band Distal Down…but now I’m deep into buttoning up this old house. It was built in 1871 and we’re trying to give it a new life now in 2013. It’s been a lot of work and I’m amazed at how these renovation projects can take over your life. Been in a tiny apartment for nearly a year. It will be worth the time and this grand old house has been worth saving. It used to be a bed & breakfast and was built by a woman architect named Caroline DeWolf in 1871 for one of Indy’s early fur trading moguls Joseph Allerdice. It’s a historical house so we have access to some great info. There were no cars in 1871! Moving in as soon as we can…probably mid-month. Will be nice to get my music/recording gear out of storage.

And also going to France for 10 days in September. Will be ready for the new input after house overload. No gigs booked yet, but I’m going to bring the guitar along and do some serenading in that amazing city of lights, Paris. Also going to Burgundy and Lyon in southern France. Shoot me a note if you would like me to play your venue or vineyard in France!

Musically, I have just recorded 5 new songs. Not sure what to do with them quite yet, but I’m getting some advice from some local Indy vinyl labels as I’m making new music community friends here. August will probably see me get back to the mixing part of this next music project. Keep ya posted on those new songs.. they are rockin’ beautiful and heart-breaking. I wonder how long my muse will keep inspiring these sounds??...she’s been strong in me these past few years…though I often wish she’d lay off my heart.

That’s all I have time to share today people. Running through my 40’s like a sexy 401K plan. Please like my Facebook music page below for moment to moment insanity/photos.


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