Mendota demo

Just had a really fun show at the University of Wisconsin Union Terrace this weekend. We were playing outside with perfect weather right on lake Mendota. Beer and Brats! The Madison folks seemed to like the music and I think I’m finally getting used to my new home. Next Madison show is solo at the High Noon Saloon 7/24…

Musically…the new album will be titled Brand New Bag and will be released and distributed in Europe by Dutch label Sonic Rendezvous. Release is now scheduled for October 2006 with another Europe tour to follow sometime after… you can sample a rough demo at KP myspace

I have also started kicking around some new songs recorded lo-fi on my now ancient digital recorder. This is the same machine and mics I bought over ten years ago to record my debut basement CD. I’m thinking 40-Weight down the road… can digital gear be vintage?? hmmm…

random thoughts: when driving two-lane highways in the midwest, buicks are often the most dangerous cars on the road. beware the buick!

Also got word that Gabe’s in Iowa City is finally closing for good. This club is a real music institution in the Midwest…it will be missed. Can’t even remember how many great bands I have seen at Gabe’s. When I was 17 I was so pissed that I couldn’t get in to see the Violent Femmes and Camper Van Beethoven….that was 20 years ago. Haven’t played there in quite a few years, but I had my Gabe’s time…KP

“Take my picture off the wall, it don’t matter to me at all.”
- Doug Sahm

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