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Hola folks…

So the new CD “Haymaker Heart” just got added to the fab Miles of Music mailorder catalog. It’s being featured on their homepage and is #5 for sales this week. This company is da bomb…they have treated me really well right from the start with my first basement release “30-Weight”. Super people to work with and serious music lovers. You should order my CDs from Miles of Music while I’m on tour in Europe….otherwise it will take me 4-6 weeks to ship your music….Seriously. They stock my entire catalog. Just hit the handy links button to your right and that will take you to Miles of Music.

Wierd morning…had a fun show last night with Teddy Morgan. We were playing as a duo in front of the guys from a band called Lucero. They were from Memphis. Cool guys. So the wierd part is that my water pipes burst in the middle of the night leaving me a bit hung, bleary, and smoky with no water this morning. A rough way to start the day. You can’t brush your teeth or make coffee when you have no water. Somehow all I can focus on is the obvious right this moment. I love my little old Nashville hovel house but these are the times when I’m glad to be renting and not owning. So I’m waiting for the plumber right this moment…that’s my slice of life for ya today. a smelly slice I think.

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To my friends in Europe…thank you for the emails/letters. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again too. To my friends in Iowa….I’ll be coming back to the home state soon for a couple pre-tour shows. Thanks for the love and support.

“I could get a straight job, I’ve done it before. Never minded working hard, it’s who you’re working for.”
- Gillian Welch

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