Minnie Driver

Hello music friends,

Been traveling a lot this first half of 2017. Good to be home to the Indy garden and looking forward to planting some herbs and vegetables and getting my hands muddy again. An odd time to be an American songwriter traveling abroad in this post-Trump post-truth era. Feels like a lot of rage is brewing here and I have no real answers for my friends outside the U.S. asking about our current insane political climate. I’m hoping for the best, bracing for the worst. Ready to do my part.

On the TV/FILM side, I got word that the ABC show Speechless, starring Minnie Driver, recently featured my song “Run Again”. And the Nicolas Cage film Vengeance: A Love Story is coming out sometime this Fall. That film is using my song “Draw the Line”. As always, many thanks go to my music publisher Bob Mair at Black Toast Music for these song placements. Black Toast just added my newest album City At Night to their publishing that Hollywood slot machine beat goes on.

And I just did a couple great band shows in Iowa City and Indy. I’ve been really spoiled in that my current group of Hoosier music makers put up with my low volume show schedule and always bring it hard on stage. When all the stars align, the occasional sweaty rockin’ gig is still fun sometimes..

And the new photo featured here on the home page is by a great young photographer named Edrece Stansberry. We did this photo shoot for the magazine Pattern as part of a larger music interview. I love this new photo because it feels like I’m blending into the good background music..which is exactly where my music lives these days. I only chatted with Edrece briefly about my music deal/life..but he really nailed it.

That’s about all I have for you this morning. Spring is springing and the backyard dirt and mulch is calling. Try to be nice to each other out there:)

And if you don’t have my latest album City At Night, you can order that (and my entire catalog) at Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon.


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