Mommy was a Punk Rock Queen

Happy September. I just uploaded the free monthly 40-Weight tune “Mommy was a Punk Rock Queen”. As I recall, this song was recorded early one morning after a gig with the Horse Buyers (Matt Winegardner, Eric Straumanis, John Svec) at Minstrel Studio in Iowa City circa 2005. It’s kind of rough, but I’ve always liked the lyrical story for the fading punker girl. You can download it now at KP myspace or right here from this website by clicking on the Discography button.

What else…I’ve been looking for work in LA and played a couple gigs last week in the city and Rialto. People seem quite nice.

I also just licensed my song “Brand New Bag” for a new film called SEX IN THE USA. I guess I’m heading more in that direction with my music these days…I am in Hollywood after all and have a large catalog of tunes at this point. So, if you’re in the biz… I got songs “for sale or rent” as my old friend Dave Zollo used to say.

What else…I went swimming in the Pacific this Labor Day weekend. What a blast! We don’t really live near the ocean, but we’re close enough to get out and enjoy it a couple times a month and it’s pretty awe inspiring. I’m a sucker for sunsets and am sure I’ll need more of them as I get older.

That’s all I got for this month…be good.

Mommy was a Punk Rock Queen
(K. Pardekooper/ASCAP)

Have you ever seen her when she walks into the room?
Better keep your eyes below her boy she’ll cut you in two.
And she won’t even notice if you try and catch her eye.
Yeah she knows all you local boys, ya best not even try.
She still wants to be anarchy.

And every day come 5 o’clock, She’ll be downtown belly-up
at any happy hour that will still have her around.
She’s a bit past 44 and she don’t pogo anymore.
The tattoos they’re all fading and she can’t afford to score.
She still wants to be anarchy.

But have you seen her? Have you seen her smile?

She’s got staples in her cheeks and she thinks that Nirvana’s weak.
The Pistols and the Misfits is all that she will listen to.
Yeah Mommy was a Punk Rock girl, chase her down and she might hurl
that venom you’ve been looking for but you know you’ll never use.
She still wants to be anarchy.

But have you seen her? Have you seen her? Have you seen her smile?

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