New Album!

Hello music friends,

Excited to let you know that I just started taking pre-orders for my new album City At Night. Hard to believe it’s my eighth studio album! Had a ball making this one and it certainly marks my first all-Indiana sound project. The album was produced by the mighty Paul Mahern (John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, Afghan Whigs) in a spooky old church in Bloomington. My Indy band of ringers (Thom Woodard, Steve Pruden, Mark Cutsinger) brought a bit of rock-bone to these new tunes and I’m very happy with the results. The official album release date is 11/25/16, but you can pre-order the CD or Digital version of City At Night and get two feature tracks to download right NOW! Instant gratification! Just use this pre-order link below and you will be the first to receive the new album on or before the release date! Pre-Order the new CD or Digital Download now at my Bandcamp

And I got some other welcome music publishing news recently. My song “Yonder” was used in the Netflix hit show Longmire as part of their just released season 5. If you’re a Longmire fan, it’s season 5 and episode 8. It’s a bar scene, which always seems a pretty good TV fit for my bar music. My song “Yonder” features old friend/mentor Bo Ramsey playing blues guitar, which is always a special treat. A note on the blues. I try to be careful with blues…a different kind of respect. Anything I’ve learned of the blues came from guys like Bo Ramsey, Joe Price and Teddy Morgan. My new album City At Night does feature a song called “Whisker Brain” that falls in that slow burn blues space.. with a nod to Kevin Gordon’s Long Gone Time album, which has been in my car CD player for a year now! You should own that album too. And I don’t take these TV show placements for granted. They really add up and it’s a numbers game as years roll by in syndication. I’m really lucky in that I still earn some song royalty income from my publisher Black Toast Music and ASCAP. This has allowed me to keep making quality new recordings every 2-3 years and helps keep me in the musical black..and sane! As always, I appreciate all of your music support. I know some of you folks have been on my email list and following my music journey for nearly 20 years now! I don’t really tour much these days, so please check out my new album and pre-order if you can. Hope you dig the new sounds!


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