New Album Yonder available now!

So it took me five years of living to release my sixth album…but Yonder is finally available and you should buy a copy right now! In advertising lingo, that’s a not so subtle “call to action”. You can buy Yonder here via CD Baby. I have used CD Baby for secure online sales since 1998. The digital download version of Yonder is also available now at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody etc. if that’s more your digital mp3 style. I’m glad my life finally had some room for new studio album sounds. Not sure what kind of touring I’ll be doing this time around as the next few months is looking wild and crazy for me in plastic fantastic LA.

I’m really proud of the new album. My voice has changed as I have gotten older and I could not be happier with the sound. Sad songs still make me happy it seems and Lord knows LA has been full of heartbreak. The album was produced by Grammy nominated guitar master and fellow Iowan Bo Ramsey and again features the amazing original artwork of Gene Flores. It looks and sounds great! We went from the recording studio to album for sale in two months! Gotta love technology. Please help spread the word if you know folks who might like my new Yonder sounds. I’m just a one man propaganda wagon these days with not a lot of time, patience or interest in hype or promotion.

In peace (mostly),

“Kelly’s new album Yonder is some of the best Americana folk-country-blues-rock-roll-soul-rumble I’ve heard in a while” - No Depression

“Pardekooper is so laid back as to be almost horizontal, J.J. Cale comes to mind here.” - Blabber n’ Smoke

“The characters in his songs are ones we know - the punker coming to grips with age, the ticking timebomb drunkard relative, the lost-lover.” - Little Village

“If anything relocation to Los Angeles has helped crystallize and focus the singer/songwriters Eastern Iowa imagery. Graced by Bo Ramsey’s bell toned guitar, the opening gem ‘Where I Come From’ (we don’t walk too proud, we don’t talk too loud…when we talk at all) is a heart-touching paean to Midwestern values” – Iowa City Press Citizen

Kelly Pardekooper

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