New CD “Haymaker Heart”

So the little xmas elves have dropped off my shiny new CD “Haymaker Heart” just in time for the holidays and the new year. You can order safely and securely right here and we’ll get them shipped out right away. You could also order multiple copies and it wouldn’t hurt our feelings here at Leisure Time central.

2004 has been a strange and hard year for me and this new CD is pretty much a document of that. It’s different from the European Trocadero Records version in that I have included all the songs I recorded this year…so it’s massive and pretty damn indulgent…but I like it and these days that’s the only one I gotta please. Oh…and there’s plenty of cursin’ on the album so watch out for the kiddies tender ears.

As an added bonus…you should know that your CD purchase is helping me fly a fine band of Iowans over to Europe for a month long tour of Holland, Germany, Austria, etc.. This is how it works in indy DIY land…not very sexy or glamorous, but my reality is alright so I’m not complaining.

Okay…that’s the sales pitch. I gotta go stuff envelopes as the xmas elves don’t work very hard around here. Please spread the word. I can’t do any of this without you. I’ll be having some CD release parties in Iowa City and Nashville around the Euro tour dates and I’ll keep ya posted as the beat goes on….KP

“Give back the key to my heart.”
- Uncle Tupelo

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