new album City At Night!

Hello music friends.

Sitting here in Indy this morning getting ready for the holiday weekend and very thankful for the new City At Night album support. The CD/Digital pre-orders have been wonderful and overwhelming and I’m grateful to you folks who have been patiently following my odd musical journey. Not sure where the time goes as I release my eighth album this week. Seems like yesterday I was piddling around in my Iowa basement trying to figure out how to make decent home recordings. Twenty years we are. I don’t really tour much these days. I know that’s how most musicians make their living..that’s just not my deal as we wind down 2016. Don’t have a lot of desire/need to entertain or perform unless it’s for charity or with old music friends. I’ve been adored plenty. I do have a great Indy band that puts up with my particular case of gig laziness, and they were amazing in the studio while making this very Indiana album in Bloomington. A handful of shows a year, mostly at my local Indy Melody Inn dive bar seems to suit me best. I prefer time/travel with my wife and we have a big busy life out here in middle-age middle America. But..I digress over coffee this morning.

On to some City At Night album news!

I have created a couple music videos for the new album. My friends at NUVO here in Indy just premiered my video for the song “Plain Jane”. Check out the video at this link: Plain Jane . The second music video for my song “4AM” was premiered by both DittyTV and The Alternate Root Magazine. Check out that video at 4AM.

And I’ve also just completed a 100 CD radio mailer to old DJ friends in the NPR/AAA/Americana radio formats. Don’t be shocked if you hear some of the new tunes floating through the airwaves over the next month or so in the United States of public radio affiliates. The radio support in Europe has been wonderful too! And you probably already know royalties from songs used on TV and in film is what keeps paying for these new recordings. Every 2-3 years I seem to collect just enough via ASCAP and my publisher to pay for quality recordings. I will keep doing that as long as I can and as long as I still have new tunes in my head. DECEMBER update right on cue: Just got word that my song “Draw the Line” will be used in the upcoming Nicolas Cage film Vengeance: A Love Story. Slated for theater release this Spring 2017. Better write some new songs..

I also did an interview with old friend Bill Frater from No Depression. He’s the guy behind the Freight Train Boogie podcast and he’s also been playing my songs on the radio for years in Santa Rosa, CA. You can check out that ND interview here at Slow Turtle Winner.

That’s all I got this morning. You can find me on facebook, twitter and instagram for real time silliness. And now would be a good time for you to order my new album City At Night, as I’m probably not coming to your town any time soon. Order at Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes or Amazon.

Have a great holiday season!


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