New York City

Wow…we are in a whirlwind now. NYC was a blast and we’re now heading south. Almost too much craziness going on to report. Smelly boys in a van with amps. Lovely…

We were able to catch a Yankee game and they were playing arch rivals Boston. Not a game for the timid or easily offended. I’ve never heard so much profanity in a public space.

The Rodeo Bar show was so much fun. They loved us and asked us back, so maybe I’ll be back in NYC soon….Special thanks to buddy Tom Jessen for putting us up in Brooklyn and showing us the town.

Well…I’ll try and keep ya’ll in the loop as we head south. Pomeroy, OH is next and we’re all ready for a nice 4th of July weekend with Jackie and the crew.

Pray for us…

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