Northern Wisconsin

So this past weekend I went up to Northern Wisconsin for some outdoor winter fun with some friends….this involved alcohol, snowmobiles, and firearms. Holy shit, I thought it was a cliche…but there is some scary stuff going on in the boonies. I had a lot of fun…shooting cans mostly. I sat in a deer stand for two hours while a guy blew a coyote whistle at dusk. Wierd….but very quiet…and I like silence….alot. Still…I don’t think I’m much of an outdoorsmen. Highlight was counting roadkill on the way home…50 some odd deer on a 4 hour trip home to Madtown. I did see a coyote from the interstate while eating McDonalds in the car. Ironic?

Anyway…hope ya’ll had a great New Year’s. Special thanks to you Des Moines folk who came out to the show at the Walnut Tap. We had a great time.

So I’m trying to work on writing more songs for the next CD. Can’t really rush these things ya know? I’m liking what’s been recorded so far…we’ll see what pops out next. In general, I’m pretty happy these days…so I may need to lose some of the minor chord vinegar music and just make a friggin’ kids album. Funny how quickly we can get content. I may need to sit around for awhile now and just grow my man-boobs, or maybe take up yoga, or maybe read Karen’s amazing book collection…see what happens when you’re in need of new input? Don’t get too close…I’m paying attention…looking real close in that seriously wrong and abnormal micro kinda way…

Sorry…it’s the wine 2night and I don’t like my website…

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