Just started setting up the attic studio this week. Using Soundcloud to share some of these new raw sounds/oddities. It’s been fun digging out my “vintage” digital gear. I’m not a real audio engineer, but the goal is to try and capture some good new sounds and then let my other music friends help spice them up. You can check out my first attic practice test recording at Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You. A Colin Hay song that I’ve always loved. And also an archive duet outtake with Amy Stott-Finders at LongGoodbye. Funny, I’m using the same AKG C3000 vocal mic that I used in my Iowa basement when I was recording 30-Weight many many years ago.

I’m on the move a lot over the next couple months. Heading to Memphis, New Haven, Iowa City, Orlando, Hartford, Los Angeles, Ecuador, Berlin and Prague! You can find me in real travel time at facebook, twitter, and instagram ...they seem to have taken over my cell phone instant update world.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that one year ago I released my seventh album Milk in Sunshine. You should own it! It’s a great 24 track compilation of my sound journey to date. Here are all the links below to sample/buy. And please check out my Discography page if you want to dig deeper into my catalog. As always, thanks for checking in! KP

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