Just had a great weekend in NYC and Chicago. Went to NYC for a wedding and got to hang in Brooklyn and drive all over the city in a 20 year old BMW….always fun driving in that city. It was one of those insanely posh weddings and we were at Tavern on the Green, which is a restaurant in Central Park, and there was a great mariachi band….a good night.

Flew back to Chicago and met the band for a fun little neighborhood block party gig to stick a fork in the weekend. They had been whooping it up and watching the Cubs the day b4…everyone was hung over…a good weekend.

This weekend I’m at The Mill in Iowa City on Friday night. The Mill is the first place that ever really paid me to play music. Appropriately, I’ll be joined by fellow classmates from the Iowa City West High Class of 1986. Yes…I’m that old and 20 years goes by fast. Might have to break out the Flock of Seagulls!

New CD Brand New Bag is slated for release October 2006 in Europe on Sonic Rendezvous. I just put a new demo teaser up at my KP Myspace so you can get an idea of what’s coming next. Bless the Dutch for making this album possible…

That’s it…I’m going to be laying low trying to figure out how to make a mint off this new record and enjoying my new married life. Translation: I’ll be doing very little to try and make a mint off this new record….but it’s my best album hands down and a wonderful bookend to my ego maniacal ambition phase. Life is good and I have been adored more than I deserve…

Thanks for tuning in.

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