October Freebie Download

I just posted the free October 40-Weight song called “Down to the Country”. When I was going through my old unreleased recordings, this was one of my faves. The tune was recorded with the Devil’s House Band by Chris Poma in his Iowa City basement circa 2000. The band was Dustin Busch on guitar/backing vocals, Marty Letz on pedal steel, Atom Robinson on bass, and Matt Winegardner on drums. Just click the Discography button on your right to get the new song.

Life in LA is rolling along. 75 and mild and no signs of Fall/Winter has my hardwired Midwest internal clock off kilter a bit. Still hiking in the mountains every day and listening for what’s next. Politics is in the air…. hoping for change. Please vote in November!

New songs are not falling out of me these days. That process has been like breathing the past fifteen years…so it’s an odd feeling. I’m wondering if I’m all done with that now or if I just don’t need it anymore. Could be I’m just too damn happy and content now to create any more of my kinda noise….

Love this quote below when thinking about adding any more noise to this cluttered planet.
Be good….and vote!

Before you say anything, consider these questions:

1. Is it true?
2. Is it kind?
3. Is it necessary?
4. Will it improve on the silence?

- Sai Baba

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