Off We Go….

So I’m putting down the paintbrush and picking up the guitar again to begin the next musical odyssey. I’ll be flying back to Iowa to pick up the band and do some warm-up pre-tour shows/CD parties next week. Then we’ll fly to Amsterdam to begin a four week European tour hitting Holland, Germany, and Austria. This fine band of Iowans will include guitar hero Eric Straumanis, freight train drummer Matt Winegardner, and my Haymaker Heart co-producer John Svec on bass.

I’m ready for some Amsterdam and that fine German bier again. The physical work and fresh air in Nashville this winter has been good for my mind/body/soul I think…but I’m about ready to rock it up again…. and probably rock my health as well.

I’ll try to post some updates again as we trek around Europe and find internet cafes along the way. Wish us luck people…I wish I could share with you more of what we are going to see.

Oh…and please order my CDs from Miles of Music while I’m on tour. You’ll get your music much quicker and it’s as easy as hitting that links button on your right.

That’s all I got this morning folks…gotta pack and get to know my guitar again.
In peace (mostly)

“Everything is free now, that’s what they say. Everything I ever done, I gave it away.”
- Gillian Welch

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