Paint flow…

So I’m house-painting again. Got the job my second day in Madison, Wisconsin…painting is a trade that seems to work about anywhere. Singer/Songwriter/Housepainter is my current business card. My grandfather was a painer his entire life…also a pool hustler. He once played Minnesota Fats in a tournament for those in the pool hall know….he lost 2 of 3 matches. He did get arthritis pretty badly from the painting and lately I’m wondering how long I should do the physical labor thang while hustling the music thang… So much for my college degree and plugging into the mula machinery we seem to worship. Oh well…I do love the outdoors in the Midwest this time of year and who needs cable and security right?

So I’m hearing I have a nice feature in the latest No Depression. I haven’t seen it, but I guess John Prine is on the cover. Thanks for the emails on this….that old alt-country rag is still popular it seems. Also thanks to Don McLeese for diggin’ the new CD and covering an indie songwriter in a national/international publication. I’ll try and get it posted when I find the magazine.

Special thanks to XM radio program director Jessie Scott for beaming my new album/tunes out into space to be received in places unknown on planet earth. Haymaker Heart is currently #17 on their x-country album charts with about seven tunes in rotation. I wonder where my songs are landing as they are re-materialized from outer space. Kind of like Star Trek…

That’s about it….moving into a cute little two-bedroom house this weekend. Another bit of motion concluded. Glad to be storing this green suitcase of mine which seems to have been packed for a year now.

Starting to try and book some summer/fall shows, so keep your eye on the tourdates page as I try and keep the paint flowing. That’s the trick ya know…just keep it flowing and don’t slow down….

p.s. copy/paste this link below for the silliest review placement ever. yes…it’s that Glamour magazine.

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