Pam Dempster RIP

Pam Dempster was the co-owner of The Mill in Iowa City, Iowa. She just passed away. She had been fighting cancer for some time… The Mill was where I did my first open-mikes when I was 18. The Mill was my first paying gig ever. Pam Dempster bought my ads when I was working at the local newpaper Icon. Pam Dempster always made sure we were fed when we played The Mill. Pam Dempster always had a smile and hug for you….She loved to dance and rock out even though she knew I mostly hated folky music and I played too loud for the Mill most of the time. Pam laughed at Keith’s jokes. Pam got pretty good on the soundboard. Pam was our local music matriarch in many ways.

I saw Pam a couple weeks ago in the hospital. She hugged me, kissed my cheek, and held my hand. She asked for my new CD because she knew I always gave her free CDs….our little private thing that nearly made me weep that day. Funny how we both knew we were saying goodbye but couldn’t really say it….

The part of the world where I’m from just got a lot emptier….she left us too soon.

RIP Pam….we’ll miss you.

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