The train ride to Paris was wild. An English kid next to me was sniffed out by a French customs dog and they took him away. Note to imbibers: Whatever you do in Amsterdam…leave it in Amsterdam, it’s probably not legal in any other country.

Paris was big, loud, and kind of dirty and hard-bitten. Every day was garbage day in Paris. The sights were amazing. All you had to do was walk out the door and you were instantly overcome with the beauty and history of the city. We went to the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa. She is the rock star diva of the Louvre. Saw the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Picasso museam as well.

Special thanks to Michel at Fargo Records for setting us up at the hotel in Paris and taking us out on the town.

Random thought on Europe as I’m flying back to the cornfields in the morning:

There are no clocks in the hotel rooms…but you still have a check-out time. Windmills rock. Bicycles rule in Amsterdam. The toilets have shit shelves. Pardekooper is definitely Dutch, they have adopted me, and it means “horse buyer”. You have to pay to pee in big cities. Small cars rule. No billboard ads on the highways. The police sirens are just like the movies, two tones, high then low in a rapid fire. Paris drivers are the most insane I have seen.

I have had a great time in Europe and made many new friends. I have been away from Iowa for about a month now and am tired of hotels. I’m kind of sad tonight as my wife/partner is just starting her own Europe/Asia tour and I won’t see her for seven weeks. Today is our 11 year wedding anniversary. Thank you for putting up with me for so long Mara…here’s to many more.

What the hell am I going to do with myself now? Write happy songs? Find a hobby? Join a chess club? Take up knitting? Probably just sleep…I do miss sleeping. Later….KP

“I believe in a thing called love”
- The Darkness

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