Pomeroy, Ohio

Damn! What a great time again in Pomeroy, OH. Thanks to Jackie and all you crazy Ohio drinkers who made this past weekend such a hoot. My current band line-up is a lot of fun and a flexible rockin’ Iowan outfit. Eric Straumanis on guitar, John Svec on bass, and tub thumper Matt Winegardner. We have done many shows together this year and toured Europe for a month and I think we have reached that point where we have stopped thinking…that’s when it’s fun. Special thanks to Matthew Grimm for letting us borrow his Red Smear colored van for our trip south.

In honor of our hang with Johnny Hickmann and David Lowery of Cracker at The Mill gig in Iowa City, we added “Low” and “Euro Trash Girl” to our band set. Think we’re going to keep adding fun songs this year and soon we’ll be a bad-assed wedding cover band for hire. I’m thinking Cheap Trick should be next…

My song “Not in Iowa” is doing well… We did a radio show in Amsterdam earlier this year and our performance of the song has been selected for a Desmet Radio sampler which includes a whole bunch of Americana ringers. The Dutch are taking care of their wayward horse-buyer. Closer to home, Iowa photographer Sandy Dyas is going to have a book of her music photos published by the Iowa Press. This is really cool for Sandy, as no one has documented the Iowa roots music scene better. I’ll have photos in the book as well as having my song “Not in Iowa” included on a CD sampler. For more on Sandy, check her out through my links page.

What else? Nothing really. Trying to book some Midwest band shows and looking for a new job now that Wisconsin is starting to get too cold for outdoor painting. Sold my van Vanna and got a new fuel efficient Honda Accord…though I actually seem to be driving my girl’s 10 year old Civic most of the time. I do love those little cars…look out folk venues…I’m coming with my acoustic guitar and a little black car and a mouth full of potty words that will probably offend your foo foo NPR numbed sensibilities. In all seriousness… I have started singing “Folk This” at shows and people seem to dig it okay…life is profane sometimes anyway.

That’s it…over and out for now.

“Oil Company Execs Defend Huge Profits”
- from my Yahoo homepage headlines today….what a suprise…i’m shocked…stunned…aghast…in love with dots dashes and period marks that go on forever. sorry, too much coffee maybe…..........................k

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