Hey ya’ll this magazive review just came in from PopMatters…not sure if pop really matters though…

Kelly Pardekooper
Haymaker Heart (Leisure Time)

Kelly Pardekooper’s opening tune “Not to Iowa” has a dark, moody tone to it that is somewhere between Tarbox Ramblers, The Mavericks and Handsome Family. The singer nails the niche format to a tee on the first song with a bit of bolero mixed with accordion. He opts for a rowdier roots rock on the gorgeous “Tell Me (You’re the One)” that starts slowly before picking up steam while “Draw the Line” follows a similar framework—a old-time, dusty country-tinged that features Amy Finders providing sweet Margo Timmins-esque harmonies. When he goes down in tempo, he is better, especially during the honky-tonkin’ “Just Shoot Me”. However, the Isaak-like effort on “Wild Love” is a twist, but not really a great one. Nor is the softer, polished vibes on “Too Late” although this one is somewhat easier on the ears. Fans of Milton Mapes (relatively unknown but oh my word underrated band) would enjoy “Drinking Alone Again” that is rough and surly around the edges. The sleeper could be the catchy and to-the-point ditty “21st Century Trailer Park” that is a toe-tapper, as is the Blue Rodeo-ish “Down”. The highlight is the closing “Take Me 2 My Home” which a pure Americana tune that builds and builds.
— Jason MacNeil

Wisconsin side note….I’m psyched to be doing two very Wisconsin things this weekend. A huge beer fest on Saturday and we actually got tickets to a Green Bay Packer football game on Sunday. Add some cheese and I got the whole state down…on Wisconsin.

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