Pre-orders available now!

Happy August people!

I have just begun taking pre-orders for my new album Milk in Sunshine. You can pre-order Vinyl, CD, or Download formats now and get an instant gratification new song download immediately! All Vinyl orders come with CD and Download. And all CD orders come with Download too. I’ll be shipping these pre-orders out just prior to the official October 21st release date.

So this is my seventh album and it’s a massive release. Eight new tracks followed by 16 bonus cuts of songs that have been used in hit TV shows like True Blood, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Blue Bloods, and many many more. The limited orange vinyl 12” LP is already 40% sold as of this date…all from my amazing email list early bird offer. Thank you guys for this early support! The 12” LP also includes two bonus tracks only on the vinyl release. Loving my new Bandcamp site making my retail life easier. Check that out here to sample and pre-order Milk in Sunshine now!

Lots going on with trips and shows coming up for Montreal, Anchorage, Indy and Iowa City. Will keep booking more select shows around the new album release. And happy to report that I’ll have old friend Joe Swank from Bloodshot Records helping with my radio/PR efforts. It’s amazing how much lead time is needed to prepare for this type of indie obscure songwriter promotion. 150 radio stations and 50+ press outlets.

And I’m also working on a music video for one of the new songs…that should be fun or funny depending on how it turns out.

That’s all I got today. Hope you enjoy the new posted sample song “So Lovely” and will consider a Milk in Sunshine pre-order. Cheers, KP

Kelly Pardekooper - Milk in Sunshine

1. She Moves

2. I Still Cry (feat. Pieta Brown)

3. Milk in Sunshine (feat. Stephanie Turner)

4. Release Me (feat. Pieta Brown)

5. So Lovely

6. Elliot

7. Authentic

8. That Girl

9. Compromise

1​0. Fly on the Wall

11. Drown in Alcohol (feat. Teddy Morgan)

12. Hayseed Girl

13. Can’t Go There (feat. Bo Ramsey)

14. Not in Iowa (feat. Dave Moore)

15. Wild Love

16. I Adore

17. Tell Me (You’re the One)

18. Brand New Bag

19. Mehaffey Bridge

20. Crazy Girl (feat. Teddy Morgan)

21. Yonder (feat. Bo Ramsey)

22. Forgotten

23. Where’s the Love

24. Where I Come From

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