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Still recovering from my little birthday gig at The Echo last night. Hipster silliness and fun to play again…totally unplugged. My live shows seem to come in quarterly bursts these days as I have been spending more time in the headphones lately.

It occurs to me that I am coming full circle now musically. When I started in my Iowa basement 17 years ago, I bought a Roland VS880 digital recorder and spent many hours slowly learning how to use that machine. Those first recordings became my debut CD 30-Weight. At the time I was managing a rental store and finishing my Bachelor’s degree via night school. Just sorta slowly plugging along musically in the basement.

Flash forward to 2011 and five albums later and I just invested in a Pro Tools recording setup for the TV/Film music work that has forced me to upgrade my gear so I can work on deadline with a universally standard setup. Just started that new learning curve. I love the ability to record and fly tracks around town to drum/bass players and engineers. This type of recording has been strictly for my music publisher. Still pretty recording gear-minimal with voice, acoustic guitars, 80’s Casio keyboard w/retro drum machine click, Pod and Kaoss pad. Just plugging away slowly and these music publishing sounds are definitely a new creative muscle I’m learning to flex. AND it’s not lost on me that I’m again working part-time in rentals…this time Hollywood prop rentals. Think my songwriting is always gonna need some regular real life input. Full circle baby!

In recent music news: My April ASCAP cue sheets tracked my songs last quarter in: All My Children, Jerseylicious, Make It Or Break It, Pretty Wild, Flipping Out, Amazing Wedding Cakes and syndicated shows Cold Case and True Blood. I think my music career is pretty much complete now with the Jerseylicious placement! What an odd world…

Hopefully recording a new album again someday. Life just sorta takes over sometimes and you gotta do what’s in front of you. For recording albums, I still prefer a group of music friends all in the room…just playing to the song and documenting those moments. This has always been the most soulful way to record for me and I’ve been blessed to have access to some amazing musicians in the studio world.

That’s all I got for April. House renovation about wrapped up and I’m looking forward to backyard BBQ and Dodger games this summer. Just stained the outdoor concrete and the fire pit guitar is calling…

Be good,


Kelly Pardekooper

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