RIP Myspace…

I had to kill the Myspace account today. Pull the e-plug. Cold turkey delete baby. It was becoming a bit too much part of my daily life I think. I get the marketing, I get the networking, the self admitted narcissistic elements… but I’ve needed to simplify for some time. Also, I just couldn’t give Rupert Murdoch any more free content to sell those hip little web banners to the LEFT while broadcasting his beloved FOX News rubbish to the RIGHT. I got no problem with Google/Youtube (see below).

All this outdoor California hiking has me thinking it’s time for more organic input anyway. I’ve had this website for a long time and right here seems the best place for my little musical history and archive. In that spirit, I’ve just uploaded more music samples on the Discography page from all of my albums. Feel free to sample as you like and maybe buy a CD while I still have some hard copies of these albums available. Seems like lower quality mp3’s are coming as the music norm… but I don’t have to like it. I am resigned to the fact that my musical history will outlive me digitally on iTunes, Rhapsody, Emusic etc. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. The 2” tape recordings on CD sounds so much better than mp3! Yep…I’ve become a tape snob audio geezer.

What else… I just got final confirmation on licensing my song “Brand New Bag” for the film Sex and the USA. Not sure when it’s coming out but I’ll keep you posted from Hollywood on my copyright exploitation endeavors in lala land.

Also, I’m heading back to Iowa City for my annual Turkey weekend show at the Sanctuary 11/29. Been doing this gig over a decade now. I’ll have old friend Marty Letz sitting in on pedal steel but you never know who will be around for the holidays.

That’s all I got today… Remember to vote November 4th!

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