RIP Pablo

​Hello friends and a belated Happy New Year.

2018 is off to a rough start. I’ve spent the past couple months flying to Los Angeles often, visiting one of my good friends Paul Choi. He was fighting an aggressive form of lymphoma cancer and just passed on January 26th. Paul was one of the first guys I met in Los Angeles in 2008. We’re about the same age and became fast friends and had many adventures in LA and abroad. He was my king of Koreatown. A brilliant surgeon and a very quiet and humble man. And for a laid back guy, he definitely suffered from FOMO (fear of missing out) during our particular era of Hollywood nights. Many late evenings ended with Paul and boss lady passed out at the end of another too late for busy surgeons night. Really glad we maxed that time now. Paul and I also lived near each other in LA and had a tradition of random happy hour texts that simply read “scotch night”. A liquid batcall that there were important things to talk about..slowly and quietly. Work, love, marriage, heartbreak..all the things. I had never even texted before moving to LA, and still don’t love texts..but I’ll sure miss those “scotch night” texts from Paul.

Los Angeles has been my city of long goodbyes. Boss lady lost her father to cancer while we lived there. Now Paul. And at his beautiful LA memorial service last week, I was reminded that I’ve also lost other LA friends that used to be part of my life. Though we still have some of our closest friends out West, I know Los Angeles can never really be the same for me without Paul. That’s life I suppose. Make sure the folks you care about..know how much you care about them.

On a lighter note, I do have some healing music news. If we’re all still breathing and the stars stay aligned..I’ve got some recording time booked with Bo Ramsey producing in Iowa in a few months. The next batch of songs are pretty much written and in rough demo form at this point. These tunes have always felt like they should be documented in Iowa, so the 50-Weight bookend album project is slowly moving forward. I feel very lucky to still be an indie songwriter plugging away in 2018. The TV/FILM money pays for these new song recordings. And I’m thankful to be able to beg, borrow and steal some truly amazing musicians. These new song recordings will go to my music publisher first. And I have no idea how/when the album will be released in 2018…but I promise I’ll keep you posted. The best way to stay in my music loop is to signup for my email newsletter at KP Music Friends

Many thanks for all the support. Be kind to each other out there people. Spring is coming..


RIP Pablo
RIP Pablo

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