I have such an odd day job in Hollywood. The nice photo I just posted is from Rihanna’s new music video. She’s sitting on our custom created zebra with the Andy Warhol high contrast color scheme. I’m pretty sure this is as close as I will ever get to Rihanna’s bootie:) Another week in lala land…

Had a fun little gig this past weekend in Hollywood at Crane’s Tavern. Very special thanks to Karen’s CHLA family for the amazing hospital support….my LA fan base it seems:) We had so much fun that I’m going back to play a little birthday gig at Crane’s Tavern, Saturday April 3rd...yep I’m getting older just like my friends! Life is sure funny. If you had told me five years ago that I would be living in Hollywood, buying what must surely be an overpriced house by sane standards, and mostly surrounded by a bunch of amazingly crazy Asian women…I would have said that you’re smoking crack! And for the record, I’m not smoking crack… but that’s sorta the feel of my quickly changed life now. I do like the quicker LA pace of life….went back to Iowa City for Christmas and knew after a few days that my home was now truly Los Angeles! Something about landing at LAX and seeing those palm trees warms the soul…and the feet!

So much serious real life took over 2009, it was nice to get back up on stage again and have fun playing music for new friends. California and all the beautiful and heartbreaking things out here have led to some new songs these past few months. CD #6 still cooking…making new music recording friends and hope to be back in the studio soon. Life is good mostly…the heartbreaking parts make for good songs…but I’m kinda at my limit on that now:) Hoping for more peace and stillness of heart/mind in 2010!

Be good,

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