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So as I understand my heritage…my great grandfather came from a rural area in Holland near a town called Leiden. He came through Ellis Island and headed for the rural Midwest….Iowa. I actually played shows in Leiden at a venue called the Q-Bus in 2003 and 2005 and last year brought part of their phone book home with me. In a town of maybe 15,000 there was a whole page of Pardenkoper’s….my people I think. Pardenkoper translates to Horse Buyer in Dutch. In Holland the one-speed old school bicycles rule because the country is so flat. Iowa is flat. It’s easy to see why a Dutchman would feel like Iowa was home…and why an Iowan would feel so at home in Holland.

The reason I am going on about all this is because Amsterdam label/distributer Sonic Rendezvous (Teddy Morgan, T-99, Jesse Dayton, Hackensaw Boys, Two Cow Garage) has signed on to release my next CD in Europe. The new CD is still untitled and in process but it looks like January 2007 for release. Got some cool guest appearances coming on this new disc. To my friends in Europe…we’re working on coming back over for shows early next year. I truly appreciate your support, interest and emails.

Not sure what I’m doing in the U.S. for the new CD. We’ll see how it shakes out this summer. I’m open to suggestions from electronic-land… you can shoot me an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you have any bright ideas on conquering America…or denting America…or just further clogging up the indie underground wasteland.

That’s all I got this morning…having a BBQ party tonight and the weather is just fine today. I’m a very lucky guy in so many ways. Summer is going to be crazy busy with wedding and new CD work but keep your eye on my tourdates page and come out and say hello if you can.
Be good…

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