Hello Friends -

Hope all is well out there in the electronic universe. Spring is showing some signs of return around here and change is the name of the game these days. Very adult changes for me….learning to sell a house and getting ready to re-locate and have a little U.S. walkabout this summer.

I’ve also been busy in the studio lately wrapping up the tracking on the new album(s). Just had longtime drummer Matt Winegardner and guitar hero Eric Straumanis in and we got some nice roots stuff down. A couple more guest spots this week by local roots all-stars Dave Moore, Amy Finders, and Marty Letz, and I’ll stick a fork in it and call it done. Hope to have it out in the U.S. sometime this summer and probably in Europe this winter.

I’m also trying to put together a little summer tour for June/July… so if you have a venue in your town you can recommend give me a shout. You can reach me through the Contacts page.

Mucho thanks for the nice emails on the new Live in Europe CD. You can pick it up at shows or right here through the Discography page. It was a fun tour and I’m glad to make this little lo-fi thang available for those who missed the shows. Hope to go back sometime…we’ll see how things shake out.

Well…that’s about it for me. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I’ll leave you with some cool links below as part of my ongoing web mis-education. Have a great spring and plant some sunflowers for me…

Teddy Morgan
Richard Medek
Anton Verdonk
Joe Price
Eleni Mandell
Ben Weaver
Shame Train
The Finders

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