Spring news

Today the birds are starting to sing like Spring is finally coming. Glad to see the snow melting. It’s been a long first winter back in the Midwest fighting flu bugs and house renovations the last few weeks. Heading to the Bahamas soon for my birthday and a much needed break. Looking forward to seeing that island now that we live closer to the Caribbean side of the world!

My main music news from the last couple weeks is that the hit FX TV show Justified has used two of my songs so far this season. Both “Not in Iowa” and “Crazy Girl”. I hear it’s a popular show.

And I’m trying to get new songs together for my old Horse Buyers music mates to see if we can record/document new sounds in June when we do some shows together. That’s really all I got…life is sure busy these days, mostly with NUVO work and house demolition. As I told an old friend recently…Indy is basically a new city with same chaos for me! I’ll never be bored. You can also find me sporadically at facebook, twitter and instagram…but like so many other folks, I seem to be disconnecting from social media more often these days…searching for a truer sound. For real live human contact…here are some upcoming shows below.

Enjoy the Spring!

June 8th - 5pm,
Iowa Arts Festival,
w/Horse Buyers (Eric Straumanis, Matt Winegardner, John Svec),
Iowa City, IA

June 8th - 9pm,
w/Eric Straumanis celebrating his new CD!
Iowa City, IA

Kelly Pardekooper

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