Spring on the wind..

​Hello music friends.

I’m just back from a week in Europe and still feeling the jet lag today. Air travel never gets any easier for those of us who can’t seem to sleep in planes. Something about the odd noise vibrations that no earbuds can cancel. Had a great time in Copenhagen and Amsterdam and got to reconnect with old music friends too. Was a nice place to turn 50. I have a big full life and really want for nothing. I can now look forward to AARP and colon tests:)

On the music side, I’m still planning to go back to Iowa in early June to record the next batch of songs with Bo Ramsey and company. Looking forward to getting in the studio again. I like the new group of demo songs. Listening to them now..they feel kind of wistful, nostalgic, sentimental and dare I say..even light and happy? Well, maybe only a few light and happy ones:) My first demo release was recorded in my Iowa basement, so 20 years seems right I would record this batch in an Iowa barn. Recording is still one of my favorite parts of creating new music. Just documenting the live song moments with a group of great musicians. I still love the writing/recording process..not so much the promo marketing hustle.

I’ve already gotten a lot of messages asking about pre-paying for the new album or crowd sourcing different albums formats etc. At this point, I have no idea how I’ll release this next 50-Weight album project. I’m just going to wait and see if we get some sounds we like documented and go from there. My desire to invest in CDs/Vinyl is pretty limited these days, though I still want to be able to offer the new music to the folks who have been supporting my music for over 20 years now. Maybe I’ll take a poll on my email list..I’ll keep thinking on it. My music life is odd. I don’t need a record label (most of my music income/promotion actually comes from my publisher). And I certainly don’t need fame or notoriety (obscurity is underrated). So many people in 2018 are fighting so hard for attention..while I’d rather disappear into my garden most days:) Background music in TV/FILM has clearly been a good fit for my ambition level. I’m lucky in that I still create whatever kind of music I like and just send it to my music publisher in Los Angeles. Some of it sticks and that’s what pays my music bills and keeps me in the black. And I’m good with that. I do miss performing with my old friends sometimes, but the scarcity of my live gigs also makes them special. Hopefully I’ll find a few fun shows to do in 2018.

That’s all I got for today friends. For real time silliness, you can still find me on the pavlovian Instagram, Facebook & Twitter…but the best way to stay in my music loop is to signup for my email newsletter at KP Music Friends.

Have a great Spring people. Be nice!


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