Spring on the wind..

Greetings music friends!

Just got back from Europe where I turned 50 in Amsterdam! Was great to catch up with some old music friends and show the boss lady one of my favorite cities in the world.

On the music side, I’m prepping to head back into the studio soon to record my ninth album with the mighty Bo Ramsey producing and playing guitar. We also have some old Backsliders (Steve Hayes, Marty Christensen) and a young Pine (Alex Ramsey) slated to be the crack session band. Looks like I’ll be recording in a rural Iowa barn..which is probably appropriate as my first demo release was recorded in my Iowa basement. Should be fun. I’ll keep you posted on our progress. Hope to have the release available for you this Fall.

When I go to Iowa to record in June, I’ll also be playing a free early 7pm set at The Mill in Iowa City on Monday, June 4th. Jay Knight has been running the Open Mic at The Mill forever..and he gave me my first stage gig 30 years ago. That eventually led to owner Keith Dempster booking me to play more gigs than I can remember. I’m happy to go back and support Jay and The Mill on June 4th. Come say hello if you’re around. It’s early, free and kid friendly.

I’m not going to do any fundraising or crowdsourcing etc. for the new album, but if you want to support my new music recordings, here are the links below to my entire album catalog. Pick up a CD, Download or Vinyl copy. That always helps:)

City At Night - 2016
Milk in Sunshine - 2014
Yonder - 2011
Brand New Bag - 2006
Haymaker Heart - 2005
House of Mud - 2003
Johnson County Snow - 2000

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