Stumbling Into Music Licensing

Hello music friends.

Waiting patiently for Spring to arrive here in middle America. Looking forward to planting green things in the ground again soon. A few music notes to pass along. I recently did a podcast interview with Aaron Davidson on my TV/Film journey. Over the past 10 years I’ve had many folks ask how I ever got into that part of the music biz and this podcast lays it out pretty well. You can check out that conversation at Stumbling Into Music Licensing.

And speaking of TV, I also got word that my song “Draw the Line” is scheduled to be used a couple times April 2nd on a CW show called Roswell, NM. Fun side note. My first national touring began by driving my old black ‘91 Ford Econoline van to Los Alamos, NM to meet/tour with Teddy Morgan.

In other music happenings, I’ve been cobbling together a simple attic recording studio. I’m not a great engineer, but I do like to keep learning, so I’m messing with some new sounds now.

And finally, there’s been a lot of music biz chatter on music streaming platforms and the embarrassingly low rates they pay songwriters/musicians. We’re talking fractions of pennies for on-demand music. Fractions of pennies. I know everyone loves to stream music these days on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon etc. It’s easy and doesn’t take up any space and it’s like (nearly) free sound plucked right out of the air. And I’m no different. I am lucky in that I get a little TV/Film income to keep recording, but I do worry we’re going to lose a generation of songwriters/musicians in this free music environment. Please know that the best way to support my music is always here at KP Bandcamp.

Have a great Spring people!

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