Hello music friends,

So I’m gearing up now for my next recordings this Summer in Bloomington, Indiana. I’ve been slowly getting the next batch of songs together with a great group of Indy musicians. The Indiana music chapter has begun and I’m excited to document these new sounds. I’ve been lucky to be connected to producer/engineer Paul Mahern in Bloomington. He will be producing the recording sessions and has worked with John Mellencamp, Afgan Whigs, Willie Nelson and tons of others. We’ll be recording in a church! Should be fun.

The business of songwriting and creating music has gotten so crazy the past decade it’s hard to keep up. I keep plugging away and appreciate all your support. Technology advances and recent streaming music preferences have made it tougher and tougher to justify quality recording costs. I’ve seen the biz go from $15 CD/LP to $1 song downloads to pennies for streaming songs now. Luckily, most of my fans know that the only way to really support indie songwriters/musicians is to buy from them directly. SO…in that spirit, here’s a link to my entire album catalog. If you don’t have all my records, now would be a great time to buy them. These sales alongside TV/FILM royalties and my rare live gigs pay for my recordings. You can check out my catalog here => Kelly Pardekooper loves you link:)

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That’s about it kids. Got my head down into recording mode now. It’s really my fave part of the music process outside of the actual songwriting. I’m lucky to still be plugging away on album number eight in 2016. Though I’m not sure if people even buy “albums” anymore. I guess I’m happy to be working on song batch #8 to be released in some yet to be determined way. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Enjoy your Summer…find me for real time rants on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Thanks for checking in!


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