Some recent music news. I just got word that my song “Down” from the Haymaker Heart album will be used on the new SUNDANCE CHANNEL SERIES “ECO TRIP: THE REAL COST OF LIVING”, HOSTED BY DAVID DE ROTHSCHILD TO PREMIERE APRIL 21st at 9pm EST.

My mother is happy to hear that the same song “Down” is going to be used on HGTV’s “DON’T SWEAT IT” program. For those who don’t know, HGTV is Home & Garden TV and my mother loves the gardening gig. Not sure why “Down” is the popular song…another happy Em ode is always in demand I suppose.

And finally, a Burbank company called 1K Studios just licensed my song “Can’t Go There”, a spare duet tune I recorded with Bo Ramsey for the House of Mud album. 1K Studios produced and directed Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Interactive. I’ll keep you posted as I learn more on this song placement.

That’s all I have for lala land music news. Still working on some new songs. I’m getting used to being the minority in my neighborhood. I can go days without hearing English in my streets. I live in a neighborhood that borders Los Feliz (Spanish), Little Armenia (Armenian/Russian), Koreatown (Korean). Pretty cool for a pasty white boy from Iowa to be so immersed. I cannot do justice to the amazing food options and street vendors. The poverty and violence in LA is tough to swallow and avoiding local news on TV has become key….though the live high speed freeway chases are kind of addicting. Unemployment is high in LA and I’m struggling to find some type of respectable work, but I do like this city of Bukowski. We’ve found the Tiki Bar. It’s an odd bird city and the neighbors treat us well enough.

Last night Mexico lost to USA in a World Cup qualifying soccer match. You could hear the sorrow on my street. People were bummed and pissed and really loud at the loss. My SoCal neighborhood has Mexican flags everywhere so I stayed indoors not able to conjure interest in soccer. You can take the football loving boy out of Iowa but…


“Grandma’s Rosary” set to public domain…

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