​Hello music friends.

Summer has arrived here in middle America and I’ve been busy planting things in the backyard. The older I get the more I seem to enjoy piddling around in the garden. Have more time for that now and I’m always amazed at those little seeds that grow for awhile in quiet and then pop out of the ground into a noisy world. Kind of like songs..

Got some fun news from my music publisher recently. My song “Whisker Brain” is being used now in a commercial to promote the CW show Supernatural: The Anime Series. It’s a 30 second spot and it may be my favorite music placement yet. Really well produced and the song/voice are highlighted throughout. I’m told it’s already been viewed nearly a million times on facebook and is being broadcast all over TV to promote the new show. You can check it out here at KP does Anime.

Still messing around with sounds in the attic studio. Got an older 1971 Hofner acoustic guitar recently that I’ve been enjoying. I’m not a huge guitar collector..but every once in a while it’s nice to see if new guitar friends inspire new songs. Boss lady is threatening to find me a used Collings acoustic guitar right now. We saw them once in Los Angeles at a show at McCabe’s and she has it stuck in her head that I need a pretty Collings guitar. I think she just likes buying stuff:)

What else.. Dutch music distributor Coast to Coast just bought up the rest of my my entire physical stock of CD music is down to just two boxes! Four of my nine albums are now out of print. It’s amazing how that part of music consumption has changed so relatively quickly. I’m relieved and grateful that some folks still wanted the CD/Vinyl..helped clear out my basement. I don’t really tour and perform anymore, so I’m happy to let my songs perform in TV/Film and in the streamingverse. The devalued and compromised sound of music streaming feels very 2019 America to me..

That’s all I got today friends. Thanks for checking in and have a great Summer! KP

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