Take Root Festival

Wow! Don’t even know where to start and I have to do laundry before we start the German leg of this tour. The Take Root festival was amazing. The show went great and we heard the recorded set which is going to Dutch Public Radio and Mehaffey Bridge just killed. They liked the twang. Even better than the music was that we shared a dressing room with Cracker and hung out with them until 5am at a cool little bar in town. What a great time, we all drank too much and hats were exchanged and they love howard dean and david lowery is as intense as i imagined and they played euro trash girl. i could go on and on but some stuff should not be out for public consumption.

gotta run. we are in constant motion and the music is getting very good as we tighten up as a band. look out Germany….we are coming…

auf wiedersehen

“What the world needs now is another folk singer like I need a hole in my head”
- Cracker

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