I know, I know. It’s been a while…I’ve been busy with a new gig. Back to the alt-weekly newspaper biz for me. I’m working at the Madison weekly Isthmus, which is one of the oldest weekly newspapers in the U.S. A flashback to my days working at Icon in Iowa City. Guess that means I should start a band. Good folks and I’m liking the fast paced newspaper life again.

Musically, I just had a fun wallpaper gig last night with Josh Harty at an old converted church. I’m going to try and bring Josh down to Iowa City soon…he’s got a cool Kelly Jo Phelps vibe.

What else…I’ll be doing my annual Thanksgiving weekend gig at The Sanctuary with Marty Letz on pedal steel Saturday November 25th. I’ve been doing this gig for a long time and always enjoy catching up with Marty and old friends.

In Europe, the new album Brand New Bag just checked in at #8 on the Americana/Roots Chart and some positive reviews have started coming in. I’m very thankful Sonic picked up the album and I’m still planning to go over and support this release in Europe with a short tour April 4-15, 2007. I’ll keep you posted as tourdates become finalized. You can buy the new CD at Sonic Rendezvous.

In the U.S. I’m still working on some album distribution options and I think we’ll release early 2007. I’m hoping to do a little radio push as well.

What else…one of the new album songs Sometimes just got picked up for an indie movie soundtrack in Hollywood, CA. The movie is called The Lovesick Diaries and will be released in the next 12-16 months. I’m going to keep trying to place songs in TV and Film. Seems a good place for aging rockers to land.

That’s all I got…you’re in the know so come to a show!

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