Viper Room

Had a fun little show at the Viper Room in West Hollywood last night. Great response to some of the new songs I hope to record later this year. I guess I’ve been doing this music thing long enough that I’m not really surprised anymore by what happens at shows and last night was no different. My first gig on the super-cool west side of Hollywood proved that like everywhere else…you can fake it right up to the moment you take the stage and have to sing. Another way to say it is…you can’t polish a turd:) We saw some very pretty music people last night…followed by some pretty awful music. Style over substance never really lasts long and humility is almost always a sign of the more experienced musicians. Every great musician I have ever met…was equally humble when praised. Maybe it’s my Iowa, but I think you really need to work at your craft for a long time to get confident in your work…and you should never stop learning. I’m so so lucky to have friends from the Children’s Hospital come out and support my recent LA music efforts. Also had a nice surprise when folks from Holland and Iowa showed up at Viper Room gig too. I’m a very lucky boy and grateful to all you people out there that pay attention to my little music career. It’s much appreciated!

What else… Last weekend I got to hang out with Bo Ramsey and Pieta Brown from Iowa City. They are out opening for Mark Knopfler on his North American tour right now. Always such a treat to spend quality time with Bo. He came with me to my local guitar shop and helped put an experienced ear to my ‘52 Gibson acoustic. I guess it was the right time to re-connect with Bo as we started talking about working together on my next album later this year. Bo has played guitar on some of my past recordings but it would be really cool to make an entire album with him. I’ll keep ya posted. You can’t really rush these things and life is certainly full these days.

Our new fixer house is very slowly coming together. It’s pretty gutted right now. Karen and I have been living in 390 square feet for about a year and a half now…so it will be so nice to have some space again. I have a ton of different contractors I’m coordinating and the house takes most of my time. I’m kinda fried from the house, so I’m psyched that I’ll be going to Hawaii for nine days in May!! Never been to Hawaii and you may know I’m a sunset junkie. I’ll be tagging along with Karen and a couple of my fave ortho nurses to a medical conference. I plan to do nothing…or very little. I’ll take my little travel guitar and hang by the pool and ocean looking for versus….some much needed chill time. My life is full and even though my heart still leaps too hard sometimes….I know I’m a very very lucky guy.

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