wakeboard x 2

so i’m learning how to wakeboard here in madtown wisconsin on the mendota lake. a new friend has a boat and got me up on this board that resembles a snowboard and is pulled at a high rate of speed behind a motor boat. high rate of speed to me anyway. i’m still not very good…but i can get up and go for a while before wiping out. mostly I want to jump the waves and I have absolutely no skills yet to do it….so they get some comic value from the pasty white iowa boy with no water or ski sports history….

what, you thought i was gonna talk about music? silly web surfers…. tricks are for wakeboarders….and rabbits.

i just had a great time doing a little solo show in minneapolis with friends dave olson and patrick brickel. special treat to have old friend and semi-retired bass/accordionist atom robinson jump up for a couple tunes. i have some other band stuff coming in august….so you’ll just have to wait and be patient until i get bored with the watersports and get off my ass and book some more shows. trying to find someone else to help with that chore these days. just got word i may do an opener for robert earl keen in september….that would be cool. i’ll keep ya posted.

in more important news….guitar hero eric straumanis and wife kara just had a healthy baby boy named august (augie) straumanis. congrats!

i finally updated my lyrics page…so go crazy if that’s your thang.

what else….i have had lots of requests the past few years for a comment/blog thingy on my website. here’s the best i can do….i had a musician friend turn me on to and I have just set up my own little space there. The idea is to connect your friends…..and I’ll also be putting new demo songs up soon you can sample as well. So if you’re interested in this sort of interactivity, paste the link below and sign up as a friend.

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