Wisconsin 40

So we’re finally showing some signs of Spring in the great white north of Wisconsin. We have had nearly 100 inches of snow this winter and that’s officially the worst season on record…I’m just now seeing my driveway again for the first time in five months. Could be my last winter….as I just got back from San Francisco/Los Angeles and California felt pretty good…

What else… I’m turning 40 in a couple weeks. Not as exciting/dramatic as turning 30…but I feel as if I’m finally growing into my hairline.

I have quite a few shows with some old friends lined up for April, so come out and say hello if you can. Seems like I’ve been couped up too long, so it will be good to drag the guitar out into the world again.

That’s all…I seem to hang on myspace more these days than I should. Buy a CD securely while you’re here. A few more years and I’m sure they will only exist as lower fidelity mp3 air sounds…

Be good,

“My friends are getting older, so I guess I must be too.”
- Greg Brown

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